Prophets alaihmus salaam at work

1. Aadam alayhis salaam had done farming. He used to grind flour and make bread.
2. Idris alayhis salaam used to do writing and tailoring.
3. Nuh alayhis salaam cut wood and built a ship. This is the work of a carpenter.
4. Hud, Harun and Saalih alayhimus salaam were traders.
5. Zul Qarnayn was a great king and, according to others, a prophet. He used to weave baskets.
7. Ibrahim alayhis salaam used to do farming. He also engaged in construction work - he built the ka'bah.
8. Lut and al-Yasa' alayhimas salaam used to do farming.
9. Isma'eel alayhis salaam used to make arrows and put up targets.
10. Is'haaq and Ya'qub alayhimas salaam and all their children grazed sheep.
11. Yusuf (Joseph) alayhis salaam traded in grain when there was a drought.
12. Ayyub alayhis salaam did farming.
13. Shu'ayb and Musa alayhimas salaam grazed sheep.
17. Daud alayhis salaam made armour which is the work of an ironsmith.
18. Luqmaan alayhis salaam was a wise person. Some scholars consider him to be a prophet. He used to graze sheep.
19. Sulayman alayhis salaam wove baskets.
20. Zakariyya alayhis salaam did carpentry.
21. 'Isa (Jesus) alayhis salaam dyed clothes at a person's shop.

From Behishti Zewar

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