The Palestinian Girl

This is a true story of what can be achieved if there is a will and determination.
An organisation in Arabia ran a challenge - everyone should train for two weeks and eventually walk 42km in a week amking zikr and dua. The aim was to show what can be achieved through determination.
A girl from Palestine wrote: "I live in Palestine and there is not enough distance to cover 42km, and due to the occupation and insecurity we live in, I was afraid to walk outside even if space permits. I decided to walk at home. The house has a long hallway measuring 15m.
In one day I walked 2100 laps. It took me along time to finish as I walked 4km an hour. I kept going with zikr and the pain reminded me of the suffering the Sahaaba (radhiallahu anhum) underwent. I also memorized the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah Ta’ala as I continuously walked past a frame with them hanging in the hallway.
She ended by asking: Am I with you in this marathon walk or not?"
The Companions of Rasulullah (sallallahu alahi wa sallam) showed this spirit time and again. Hazrat Asma, the daughter of Abu Bakr (radhiallahu anhuma) walked about 5km each way while 7 months pregnant to carry food to the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and Abu Bakr (radhiallhu anhu) when they were in the cave of Thaur while emigrating to Madinah. u

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