The Necklace 2

A Muslim ran out of money in Makkah. He became extremely hungry. One day he found an expensive necklace. He picked it up. He came across a man announcing that he had lost a necklace. The poor man said, "I asked him to describe it and he did so perfectly. I gave him the necklace without reward and said: "O Allah, I have given it for You, so compensate me with better." He went to sea. After a while a storm came and smashed his boat to pieces. He was washed ashore on an island. He found a Masjid with people praying and joined them. He found papers with the Qur'an written on them and he began to recite. The people asked, "Do you read Qur'an?" He answered in the affirmative. They said, "Teach our children Qur'an." So he began to teach for a salary.
Later they said to him, "There’s an orphaned girl with us whose father was a good man. Will you marry her?" He agreed and related, "I married her and found that she was wearing the same necklace. She said her father lost it in Makkah, a man found it and returned it. She said her father would always pray for her to be blessed with a husband similar to the honest man. I then informed her that I was that man."
Abandoning something for the Pleasure of Allah - Allah will compensate with something better, sooner or later.

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