More Tales of the Funny Mullah

Mullah Nasruddin went into a shop to buy a pair of trousers. He changed his mind and chose a cloak instead at the same price. Picking up the cloak he left the shop. "You haven’t paid!" shouted the merchant. "I left you the trousers, which were the same value as the cloak." "But you did not pay for the trousers either. Of course not, said mullah; why should I pay for something that I didn’t want to buy?"

One day Mullah Nasruddin lost his ring in the basement of his house, where it was dark. There being no chance of finding it in that darkness, he started looking for it on the street. A passer-by asked: "What are you looking for Nasruddin?" "I've lost my ring in the basement." "But Nasruddin, why don't you look for it in the basement where you lost it?" asked the man in surprise. "Don't be silly! How do you expect me to find anything in that darkness!" said Nasruddin.

A friend asked the Mulla, "How old are you?" "40," replied the mullah. The friend said, "But you said the same thing two years ago!" "Yes," replied the mullah, "I always stands by what I have said."

Once someone came to Mullah Nasruddin, a man famed for his wit and wisdom. The man said, "Holy man, show me the way to town." "How do you know I’m a holy man?" asked Nasruddin. "Because I’m a mind reader," came the reply. "Well," answered the Mullah, "Then you should be able to read the way to town because it’s in my mind!"

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