More Babies

TIME of Nov 29, 2004 had an article entitled WE NEED MORE BABIES.
Sweden gives mothers 15 months off work with 80% pay to care for their newborn. Dads get a day a week off with 80% pay to help. If the child is sick, parents can stay at home for 120 days a year to look after it and the state pays the wages.

This is a taste of what Europe is doing to encourage having more children. Why? Because so few are being born that there are more deaths than births. It all began when ladies were forced into the workplace and found it hard to have careers and children. Birth control was glorified and intimacy was for instant gratification, not for developing family units and thus a stable society. Now, Muslim immigrants have higher birth rates and Europe’s population balance is upset. No new workforce, more old people.

Islam encourages having children and advocates specific spheres in life for males and females. All to make life more genuinely fulfilling and balanced.

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