A Look at the Early Church

Rodney Hoare, in his book A Piece of Cloth, gives some historical facts about the early Christian Church and how it has changed:

Paul, a former Jew, had never seen Jesus (alaihis salaam). Yet, after Jesus was taken up alive to the Heavens, Paul appeared on the scene and said he had been divinely inspired. He preached a Christianity different from that of the Disciples, the close companions of Jesus (alaihis salaam).

When Jesus describes himself in the Gospels (the Bible) one phrase is repeated by which he clearly wishes to be remembered: the son of man. It occurs 81 times in the Gospels and in 80 of these passages the phrase is used by Jesus himself. In Jewish Aramaic it often meant simply ‘man’ not God or son of God.

One of the Disciples, Peter, said in a sermon:
‘I speak of Jesus of Nazareth, a man singled out by God…’ [Acts 2:22-24]
In the years to come he was to lose that description. He was to become part of the Trinity, a part of God! The Disciples preached the truth but Paul preached something else, a falsehood that is present-day Christianity.

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