The Lioness of Syria

Khaalid bin Waleed besieged Damascus and sent a force to stop Roman reinforcements. At the head was Dhiraar - the lion of Syria, a fierce warrior captured by the Romans as he launched into enemy ranks alone. Khaalid mobilized troops and rode to the aid of the Muslims. He saw a rider flash past towards the Roman front.
A lightly-built person in black, the rider was armed with a sword and a lance. He sported a green turban and had a scarf around his face with only his eyes visible. He threw himself at the Romans with such fury that everyone thought he was mad. He treated the Muslims to a thrilling display of attacks. A few Romans came forward but all went down before his lance. He put fresh courage into the Muslims who went into battle with high spirits.
Khalid called, "O warrior, show us your face." The rider galloped off into another assault. A few of Khalid's men caught up and said, "O warrior, your commander calls! Show us your face so that you may be properly honoured." The rider pulled up and Khalid asked, "Who are you?" Khalid nearly fell off his horse when he heard the reply for it was the voice of a girl!
"O commander, I only turn away from you out of modesty. I am of those who stay behind the veil. I fight like this because my heart is on fire. I am Khaulah, sister of Dhiraar. My brother has been captured, and I must fight to set him free."

Where is this courage from Muslim men and youth today? And look at the wonderful adherence to Hijab under all circumstances by women!

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