Lifecycle of a Rumour

Day 1: Disrespecting the Qur’ân: Girl turns into a lizard-like creature reads a caption. It occurred in India. Girl was listening to music while Mom read Qur’ân. She ignored Mom’s calls to turn-off music.
Day 2: A local radio station presenter mentions the ‘incident’. A caller requests web address where ‘creature’ is to show to his children as a lesson.
Day 3: Preacher uses the story to deliver a ‘lesson’
Day 4: The girl was watching TV
Day 5: Images (semi-nude) of the creature are posted on masjid board to give ‘visual lesson’
Day 6: Arabic website carries image of ‘lizard-girl’
Day 7: Someone gives source page of ‘creature’
Day 8: Incident didn’t happen in India but in Oman
Day 9: Arabic website offers apology as it’s a hoax! ‘Lizard-girl’ is actually a model built by artist!

The rate at which we are looking for ‘miracles’ to prove Islâm is of concern. While there are more than enough signs of Allâh’s Might in the environment, clutching to ‘miraculous’ occurrences and stories, regardless of their veracity is on the rise. Photos of the kalimah or Allâh’s Name in tree branches, on fish, in clouds, etc. are said to prove the truth of Islam.
Miracles do happen. However, it does not behove a believer to demand them. The Qur’ân has stories of generations who demanded a miracle but once the sign was given, it drove them deeper into disbelief. In one e-mail the sender labeled it ‘unconfirmed’. This ‘unconfirmed’ tag should be the very reason for NOT forwarding such things.

[Adapted from Jamiatul Ulama, JHB]

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