A Good Word

There’s an exciting range of Islamic books and games from Goodword Books. Their kids products include board games, puzzles, colouring books, crosswords, and story books covering a vast array of topics.
There are easy to read stories from the Qur’aan as well as other Islamic topics. These provide an entertaining alternative to unIslamic children’s story books and make the task enormously easier for Muslim parents who have to make up Islamic bedtime stories. The games are fun and a refreshing break from the usual Monopoly, etc.
Although there are pictures of animate objects, prohibited in Islam, yet the products are much better than the non Islamic offerings currently available. Everything is of a high quality with vivid colours.

Obtainable at Islamic shops. Goodword Books can be contacted on:
E-mail: info@goodwordbooks.com
Website: www.goodwordbooks.com

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