HUMANS ARE sociable creatures. We need friends. And they largely make us who we are. A narration says that a person is recognised by the friends he keeps. What does Islam say about friendship?

THE QUR’AAN prohibits Muslims from taking non Muslims as close friends. Being courteous, working with them, being kind and just to them, assisting them yes, but not bosom friends with whom we become intimate.
The reasons? The Qur’aan emphatically states that Jews and Christians will never be pleased with Muslims unless they forsake Islam. So their friendship is conditional.
Secondly, the Qur’aan makes the observation that taking close friends from non Muslims is fraught with danger as they will not fail to lead one astray from the road of Islam in some way or the other, thus destroying one's success in the everlasting life after death.
Umar (radhiallahu anhu) used to instruct Muslim armies conquering non Muslim lands to set up separate living quarters for Muslims. We witness the wisdom with our own eyes when, having lived with non Muslims, our way of life has drifted far from Islam.

THE QUR’AAN says that the Believers are friends of one another. And among them, those who perform Salaah, give Zakaah, are true friends.
Friends will be enemies on the day of Reckoning except those who had Taqwa i.e.. Did what Allah Ta’ala wanted and stayed away from what He prohibited. Our friends must be pious Muslims as the Qur’aan directs. [9:119]

WE NEED to be friends of our spouses and children. The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) set the standard by treating his wives in a loving manner. The kindness he extended to his children, grandchildren and other youngsters impressed them so much that they were ready to emulate him in every aspect.
Make our families our friends and they will respond with extraordinary loyalty and love. We will be good company and in good company.

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