Dealing with Life

The Qur’aan offers complete guidance on every aspect of life.
Humans face many challenging situations encompassing loss of welath, loved ones, sickness, to name but a few. The Qur’aanic advice is to adopte a positive outlook.

We are told never to lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. The defeatist attitude of despair is a trait of non-Muslims.
No matter how much you have destroyed your life, there is always a chance to make right and be accepted by Allah Ta’ala.

At the end of every tunnel is light. The Qur’aan emphatically declares that with hardship there must come ease. This is repeated.
Faced with the tests which Allah Ta’ala tells us must come in the form of loss of loved ones, property, or fear, hunger, etc. a Muslim adopts patience, deals with the problem as best he can and knows that no difficulty is everlasting except dying without Islam.

Sometimes we give in to the thought that how can I ever weather this storm? According to the Qur’aan, no soul is burdened except to the amount he/she can bear.
No matter how big the trial might seem, the one involved has the potential within to overcome it.
Gifts come in different guises and are not always packaged as we want. A calamity approached in the correct manner can be turned to one’s advantage.
Islam came to SA with exiles taken far from home. They did not give in to despair but turned the situation to the better and spread the light of Islam in this land.

To pass the trials of this world, Muslims need to have Allah on their side. This is achieved by: 1) Patience, and 2) Following Allah’s commands to the best of one’s ability (Taqwa). For Allah is with those who have patience and Taqwa according to the Qur’aan.

Finally, our Lord informs us that He deals with us in accordance with our expectations of Him. Positive expectations beget favourable circumstances.

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