Child’s Play

PC games, comics, novels, apparently harmless metal disks in chips and many other ‘toys’ have become the ‘in-thing’ with youngsters. Are they as harmless as they seem? If one looks with the spectacles of Islam the danger is glaring. Among the thousands of PC games, subtle messages of immoral behaviour and idol worship can be discerned. The characters in one game can be controlled to interact with others in various ways, some of which are illicit. Imagine the effect on children who continuously control the characters to behave in an illicit manner? In the process of these ‘games’ many subtle messages settle in the mind and heart. They could become the stepping-stone to acting in a like manner in real life.
Metal disks and cards in chips are also cause for concern. Apart from the eerie pictures, they largely centre around magic. The ‘powers’ of one character is listed as ‘omnipotent’ whereas omnipotence is an attribute of Allah Ta’ala alone.
Fiction novels are a major factor in the breakdown of Islamic morals in youth. Fiction books that are popular among schoolchildren encourage dating and illicit relationships. Many comics also centre around illicit relationships. Children reading these are negatively affected by the behaviour of the characters.
Parents can’t afford to be complacent with their children’s play. The damage to their character and faith can be disastrous.

Al Haadi - Vol 12 Issue 1

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