The Cage Prisoners of Guantanamo Bay

2285 days
of illegal imprisonment by April 14

Here’s a small reminder to remember the Muslims illegally detained in the ‘war on terror’ at the US concentration camp in Guantanamo, far from their families, deprived of basic human rights.
Some tips on how to help them:

1. Visit, a site dedicated to serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. You’ll find lots of resources.
2. Subscribe to Cageprisoners’ weekly mailing list to keep up to date with the latest news, articles and action alerts.
3. Write to the prisoners and their families. Remind them that they are not forgotten and to boost their morale. Show them that people still care. Check the website on how to do this.
4. Support Hhugs, a UK charity setup to support the families of prisoners who are struggling to make ends meet and who often have to raise numerous children single-handedly. Contribute towards legal costs by in Cageprisoners’ campaigns.
5. Encourage your children to make cards for the prisoners, former detainees and their families. Scan their artwork and send them to Cageprisoners.
6. Teachers should ask kids to do a project, essay or presentation on the topic.
7. Imams can write an easy-to-read poster for the Musjid noticeboard.
8. Most of all, don’t forget to make dua for those illegally held.

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