Bonding with Your Child Part 2

Here are more simple and effective advices that will help you develop an excellent relationship with your children:
1. Celebrate their daily achievement. Have a lunch party because your son completed a Surah or because your daughter got a good pass in her exams. This makes each one feel you are interested in her/his life and achievements. Never do it to only one even when the rest didn’t really achieve anything! Search within their lives and you will find some achievements. Make sure you do this symbolically so they won't compete aggressively instead of being happy with each other's achievements.
2. Teach your children to think positively. So instead of blaming your son for coming back from school dirty and sitting for lunch without washing, start off by saying: "It looks like you had fun at school today."
3. Recount stories of your children while they were very young. Tell them about this period of life that they can not remember.
4. When your child asks something, do not speak to him/her while you are busy with something like cooking or reading. Give your child your full attention and look straight at them while they are speaking to you.
5. Write loving and encouraging words, prayers or even jokes on small pieces of paper and place it next to their beds or in their school bags if you are leaving early. This will make them feel that you think about them all the time.

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