The Smuggler: Humour

Mullah Nasruddeen used to come to the border of the country every week for many years, with a donkey laden with straw.
The border guards suspected that he was smuggling something but, try as they may, they could not find out what. They searched the straw thoroughly but nothing came to light. This carried on for many years.
The Mullah eventually retired. One day he met a border guard who said, "Look Mullah. We know you were smuggling something all these years. Now you can tell me what it was as we cannot do you anything."
Mullah Nasruddeen replied, "I was smuggling, it’s true. But what I was smuggling was DONKEYS!"
Many a times we judge others according to our set prejudices. This makes us blind to their true worth. Let us look at everyone as a potential medium of learning something new, something beneficial, rather than condemning a person because he does not think or act like us.

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