Sensational Salaah

We are told in the Qur’aan that Salaah stops one from evil. Salaah has an effect on our lives.
The fact that Abu Bakr (radhiallahu anh) was appointed Imam for Salaah in the illness of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was one of the reasons for his election as head of state.

THE COOLNESS of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)’s eyes lay in Salaah. Do we feel a lightening of life’s burdens after Salaah?
In the Qur’aan, Allah uses business terms to illustrate a point. We can easily relate to this. Let’s approach Salaah in business terms.
At work there are people with varying degrees of responsibility. At the bottom of the rung are floor sweepers. They are not responsible for the shop making a profit. They do their jobs and collect a wage. Their worry is much less than those higher up.

THEN THERE are managers: people who bare the brunt of problems in the business. They endure more tension but at the end of the day they leave the worries of the shop behind when they get home. It’s not their ultimate concern if a fire breaks out.
That is for the owners. For them, concern for the business follows them home. The lower down you are, the less your worries are in this regard. In the shop of this world, we are all working. How far up or down the ladder are we?
Allah tells us that the concern of how to make money is not ours: We do not ask you to provide sustenance; We provide you with it. We are right down the ladder. Thus we should have little worry in this regard.

WHEN WE READ Salaah, we should set aside all money concerns. Free your thoughts from wheeling and dealing. Leave it all for the One who is ultimately in charge.
When you finish such a Salaah, see if you do not feel less burdened and more invigorated to face the challenges ahead. See if Salaah does not become the stress-reliever of tensions and the lightener of burdens.
The task of earning a living still has to be faced but how much easier it becomes.

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