The S-Word: Educating the Young

Some pointers for an Islamic sex education program for ones kids, an essential part of Islam; giving an alternative to the wrong messages they get elsewhere:

Teach topics at the right age. E.g. a boy of 8 may notice mom not praying during the month and asks why. It can be said this is a time when Allah excuses women from praying. At 12 or 13, introduce the topic of menstruation, and he’ll make the connection.
Another way is when the child reads verses of the Qur’aan on intercourse, menstruation, or homosexuality, to explain these. Sit with kids individually to explain topics on sex and the wisdom behind laws.

Be available for kids’ questions on sex. Parents should send the message to children that, while they may be getting information about sex from other sources, you are the main source. Best done early, rather than the teen years when kids are less likely to listen.

It’s hard to talk about sex for many parents. Don’t hide this. Say, ‘If I sound nervous or uncomfortable bear with me’. This stresses the seriousness of what you say. The fact that it’s difficult for you, yet you are going ahead emphasizes your child's need to listen.

These are just a few starters. We need to implement a complete program to counteract the sex education of TV, movies, Internet, cellphones, friends and school.

Islam: A Complete Way of Life

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