Quit Smoking

Try the following measures while relying on Allah, seeking His help, to quit smoking:

1. Remember you want to gain the pleasure of Allah. Throw away all leftover cigarettes. Remember you have made a firm intention not to smoke.
2. Minimize contact with smokers (this being the most important step).
3. Minimize drinking beverages that become mentally related to smoking like coffee, tea, etc.
4. Whenever there is an urge to smoke, busy yourself with something else, especially activities that keep your hands busy.
5. Try not to accept a cigarette from anyone.
6. If need be, try not to finish smoking the whole cigarette.
7. Drink a lot of water when you quit. Dehydration is the main cause of the symptoms of withdrawal.
8. Increase the use of the miswaak.
9. Keep company of the pious, keep busy with Zikr of Allah, Qur’aan. Listen to Islamic talks, Nazms, read Islamic books, etc.
10. Make dua.

MS Saeed

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