Preparing for Motherhood

Being a mother is the most critical job on earth: behind every successful Muslim there has been a pious mother. Here are a few tips on preparing for motherhood:

Each person is a guardian responsible for his/her ward. The woman is a guardian/shepherd of the home and her offspring. (Bukhari)
All Prophets were shepherds at some point in life. It taught them patience in preparation for Prophethood. Much the same is true for Motherhood.
Patience is needed in child-upbringing. The measure of how successful we are is the amount of closeness we attain to Allah by this test. Bringing up a child should draw us nearer to Him.

A woman does not undergo menstruation in pregnancy allowing her to perform all daily Salaah (prayer) consistently. It allows her to reap spiritual strength that Salaah gives and prepares the unborn baby for a life of bowing and submission to Allah.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do during pregnancy and childbirth. Preparation is a part of all things in Islam. This dispels some of the anxiety of pregnancy. Seek experiences of those who have been through it. Consultation is an integral part of Islam.

Mothers already have most of the tools needed, mercy being one of them: Because of the 1% of mercy Allah gave to the earth, a mother shows affection to her child. (Muslim)

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