Perfect Prevention

According to the Hadith, 5 things are natural human nature: clipping nails, removing pubic hair and hair under armpits, shortening the moustache and circumcision. (Bukhari)
Modern research shows male circumcision :
Reduces the risk of a man contracting AIDS through sex,
Protects women from AIDS from infected partners,
Reduces the risk of infection of sexually-transmitted diseases like trichomonas and bacterial vaginosis.
Circumcised men are 65% less likely to contract AIDS than the uncircumcised. (SA AIDS expert, Francois Venter)
Uncircumcised men are 8 times as likely to become infected with HIV than circumcised men. (Study of 2,300 men in India)
Circumcising men reduced infections in their female partners by 30%. (US/Ugandan researchers, Reuters)
AIDS officially began in 1981. The first cases were all homosexual men. The association with homosexuality was so remarkable that the disease was initially termed GRID (gay-related immune deficiency). The best prevention is to restrict sex to husband and wife.
Medical proof of circumcision’s benefits serves to strengthen the fact that Islam is a clean, perfect way of life in all aspects.

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