Perfect Pairs

Existence of Pairs in All Creation

Before the modern era, people thought that only animal life was divided into two genders: male and female. Then the discovery was made that this phenomenon was present in plants and vegetation too.
In fact, this reality exists in every creation, animate as well as inanimate, though in different forms. In electricity, these two genders can be classified as positive and negative. North and South Pole describe it in magnetism, electron and proton in atoms, matter and antimatter, etc. Even bacteria could be positive or negative; thus all creation is made of pairs.
At the time the Noble Qur’aan was revealed in the 7th century CE, we knew of pairing in animals only, but the Qur’aan describes the phenomenon:
‘Glory be to Him, Who created pairs in all things, of that which the earth grows, and of themselves, and of that which they know not!’ (36:36)
This recently discovered fact was clearly mentioned in the Qur’aan centuries ago.


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