The Only Way

In light of the Constitutional Court ruling (2005) that same-sex unions are legal, Muslims need to refresh their standpoint.

HOMOSEXUALITY is unlawful. The destruction of the people of Loot (alaihis salaam) for this is in the Qur’aan.
Muslims should not be swayed by talk that Islam is outdated. The Qur’aan says it is not correct for a believer, male or female, to have any say in any matter that Allah and His Prophet have decided. What are these matters? Sleeping, toilet, eating, speaking, politics, business, worship, every aspect of life.
Even in the trivial, Islamic spirit demands we follow the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Sahaaba copied him in the food he ate and clothes he wore.

ARE MUSLIMS in jail then? Yes. We are told in a narration: The world is a prison for the Believer. In prison, the eating, sleeping, exercise, relaxation, everything of inmates is regulated.
This does not mean that life is dull for a practicing Muslim. The Qur’aan promises him/her a joyful life.
One cannot be a Muslim until he makes the rulings of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) the deciding factor in life, and accepts them without reservation.
We have to stick to Islamic law as taught by the experts: the Ulama, without doubts. Whether amputation of a hand for theft, stoning to death for adultery, daughters getting half the share of sons in inheritance, women not being Imams for Salaah, or homosexuality being impermissible, Muslims must believe in the Islamic viewpoint.

PEOPLE ARE not born homosexual. Deviation from the natural union of man and woman is due to exposure to immorality. Every person has inclinations to sin whether music, adultery, fraud, etc. The test is to suppress these desires and act in accordance with Allah’s law.
Any command of Allah is full of wisdom for all people, all time and can be followed by all. Islam is ideally suited to the nature of man, striking a perfect balance between the decadence of unbridled freedom and the chains of absolute restriction.

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