Many Bibles

The Qur’aan is read in the same Arabic the world over since its Revelation. Compared to the merry mix that is the Bible today, it is a magnificent miracle. Here is a condensed Bible history:

14th - 7th BC
Pentateuch (first 5 books of the Bible) took final form. Pentateuch is a compilation of a variety of sources. Rabbis edited it into its final form, adding material of their own.

250 BC - 70 CE Septuagint Compiled
Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures including other books termed Apocrypha. Septuagint forms the Old Testament in the Catholic, Greek and Ethiopian Bibles. Catholic Bible excludes parts. Ethiopian Bible includes books not in the Septuagint.

200 BC - 200 CE
52 false writings falsely credited to biblical figures. Not part of most Bible canons today, but influenced Judaism, Christianity and Bible writers.

30 CE - 397 CE
New Testament written by 40 human authors.

397 CE
In 393, Synod of Hippo officially established New Testament. Confirmed 4 years later by Synod of Carthage. It took Christians 400 years to finalize the Books to put in the Bible!

Is today’s Bible the original Revelation sent to Jesus (alaihis salaam)? No. And all Christians don’t have the same Bible.

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