Load Shedding, Energy Crisis

As SA goes through an energy crisis, let’s take a look at the guidelines Islam has for Muslims in such a situation.

Muslims need to understand that all situations that entail some hardship are from Allah Ta’ala. They are designed to test our response and our acceptance of the plan Allah has for us.
We need to adopt uncomplaining while looking for solutions. Acceptance of Allah’s Plan means less stress and frustration.
To ride out the energy crisis, here are some of Islam’s guidelines which hold true for all challenging times in our lives:

1. Value Resources. The first step towards managing the crisis is to appreciate whatever resources Allah has given us. To help value them, the Hadith asks us to: a) imagine being without that resource, and b) think of those who do not enjoy that resource.
Once we appreciate what Allah has given, we will use it wisely. This leads to:

2. Moderation. Islam encourages moderation in worldly as well as religious matters: the Qur’aan asks us not to be stingy nor to waste wealth. Likewise, we are told to adopt a moderate tone of voice in prayer. Those who waste are abetting the devil and are his brothers, while they lose the love of Allah.
We need to ask ourselves whether we are using or abusing electricity. Do we use it unnecessarily? The fact that electric power is easily available is no excuse for using it willy-nilly. The Hadith tells us that we should not waste water while making Wudhu in the presence of unlimited water such as at the sea-shore.
Once we value electricity and use it wisely, we are in reality, giving thanks to Allah for which He will increase us in that bounty.

3. Helping out. Muslims need to fall in with any energy-saving plans that government puts into place, for the Hadith tells us that the best of people are those who are of the most benefit to mankind at large.
Never think that ours is an insignificant contribution. Problem-solving is not dependent on numbers but on sincerity. The Qur’aan reminds us that many a small, ill-equipped force defeated a larger, superior army. If everyone thinks of doing the right thing, it will have a ripple effect. If Muslims do the right thing it has the added benefit of giving Islam a good image and drawing people closer.

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