Help on Becoming a good Mother-in-Law

Treat your daughter-in-law like she is your daughter
Treat her like family from the very beginning. If they come to visit; talk to her like your own. Become her companion, one who can give her comfort in her struggle with the rough-and-tumble of raising a family and running a home.

Be warm
Touch her, hug her, whatever your heart tells you to do.

Confide in her
Like a mother does in a daughter.

Arriving at her home
When you arrive, if she apologizes for the mess, tell her you didn’t come to see the house, you came to see her. Ignore any mess, it’s unimportant. After all, she is her husband’s companion and helpmate, and is responsible for the well-being and training of the children.

Nothing makes daughters-in-law more crazy than a mother-in-law needing to know every minute detail about what they are doing. Don’t feel you are entitled to know everything about your married children’s lives (who they entertain, what they do every night, how much money they earn, etc).

Telephone calls
When you call them, if your daughter-in-law answers; talk to her and hold a conversation then ask to speak to your son and grandchildren. There is nothing worse then feeling like you don’t matter.

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