Council of Ulama Eastern Cape

THE COUNCIL OF ULAMA EASTERN CAPE (CUEC) was set up some years ago to help Muslims of the Eastern Cape.
It comprises about 30 Ulama, involved in varied fields of Islamic service from Musjids to Muslim schools, prison work to social welfare.
The CUEC is affiliated to major national Islamic bodies like the United Ulama Council of SA, and SANHA, and has working relations with major Ulama bodies.
At present the CUEC assists with charity distribution as well as helping in marital disputes to reach amicable resolutions. Members deliver Juma Khutbas and played a significant role in the local Muslim radio.
Ulama of East London, King Williams Town and other areas have expressed a desire to come on board in the new year.
The CUEC vision is to work for all Muslims together with all Muslims, respecting the differences of Islamic opinion based on the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and avoiding controversy.

82E Durban Road, Korsten
Tel: (0ffice hours) +27 (0)41 453 0182

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