Child Talk

The Qur’aan lays down principles for every aspect of life. Here is a peek into parent-child psychology:

The Qur’aan teaches parents how to address their children. Prophets Ebrahim, Ya’qub and Nooh (alaihimus salaam) are recorded speaking to their children on different occasions. The term of address they use, as does Luqmaan (alaihis salaam) is Ya Bunayya which translates as O my Beloved Son.
The first principle in child-upbringing is to treat the child as a friend, even in speaking.
The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) used to stand up when his daughter visited, take her hand, kiss her and seat her in his place. The practice of the Prophets is to be friends to their children.
If parents are not going to be their children’s friends, other unscrupulous people will ‘befriend’ them and lead them off the straight path. ­

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