Big Business

Trade is something everyone is involveAd in. Food, tickets for Hajj, shelter, every thing needed for human survival, all depend on money earned through trade.

Prophet Shuayb (alaihis salaam) instituted a Shariah Compliant Business Campaign in trying to rid his people of the business malpractice of cheating in weight and measure.
The Qur’aan and Hadith have guidelines on correct Islamic business practice. The longest verse in the Qur’aan (2:282) deals, significantly, with a business issue.

A measure of the heightened awareness among Muslims for Islamic compliant business is the dramatic increase in Islamic banking worldwide.
In SA as well, we see the move by major banks in introducing Shariah compliant investment and financial products and services. Ulama are consulted in the planning process of these products.
There is an initiative (2007) by the United Ulama Council of SA comprising the MJC, Jamiats and others towards forming a national Ulama advisory and certifying body for these and other new products.

The seriousness of having business in line with Islam is highlighted by the fact that Allah Ta’ala declares war on those who deal in interest and not for other major sins.
The increasing complexity of finance means that Muslims need the guidance of suitably qualified experts in Islamic business law to avoid potential pitfalls.

Umar (radhiallahu anhu) legislated that no Muslim was allowed to trade in the market until he had learnt the Islamic laws of business.
We need to institute the same approach which helps budding entrepreneurs avoid the extremely damaging sin of illegal business practice from the outset.
Trade is interlinked with all aspects of life and a sin incurred in earning money impacts on all our social activities.
Constantly consult Ulama to keep abreast of the validity of new products and to ensure that existing business practices are Halaal.

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