The Ant

There is a story mentioned in the Qur’aan which took place in the time of Sulaymaan (alaihis salaam). The Prophet Sulaymaan (alaihis salaam) was moving with his army when they came across an ant colony.
A small ant shouted out to the others to get into their houses lest the army of Sulaymaan (alaihis salaam) crush and trample them unknowingly. Sulaymaan (alaihis salaam), knowing the language of the animals, smiled at the concern of the ant.
Allah Ta’ala loved the concern that the ant displayed for its fellow creatures and mentioned the incident in the Holy Qur’aan where it’s regularly recited millions of times.
If the concern of an ant for the safety of its own kind was so beloved to Allah, what can one say about a human, the best of Allah’s creation, displaying compassion for his fellow human beings? For the old, weak, disabled and tormented. Definitely, it will reap tremendous reward.
Blessed are those who help the blind, disabled, weak, starving, poor, oppressed and disadvantaged of mankind.

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