Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is a mountain in Sri Lanka which has a huge footprint at the top. Muslims say it is a footprint of Aadam (alaihis salaam) where he stood in repentance. One tradition tells that when Aadam (alaihis salaam) was expelled from heaven, he was put on the peak to make the shock less terrible - Sri Lanka being the place on earth closest to and most like heaven.
On the top of the Peak is a walled enclosure with a rock over which is a tower-like structure. The footprint is 1.7 metres long and 800cm broad. Christians believe that the footprint is that of St. Thomas, disciple Jesus, and Hindus that of the idol Siva. Buddhists believe it is the footprint of Buddha.
It could be the footprint of the first man on earth. And Allah Ta’ala knows Best. ­

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