Stop Smoking

Ramadaan brings with it a special strength for Muslims, whereby they can carry out great feats of worship. Addicted sinners can give up sin, and people with bad habits can give these up during Ramadaan with little or no effort.

Throw away all reminders of smoking, cigarette packs, ashtrays, etc.
Drink lots of water - it’ll flush the nicotine out of your body.
Get more active with exercise like walking and jogging.
Change your routine as in Ramadaan. Avoid smokers and things that make you want to smoke for the first few days.
Dizziness, headaches and coughing may occur when you stop. This is normal and should improve after a day or 2 and disappear within 14 days.


For a 20-a-day smoker:

  • 2 hours - no nicotine in the blood system
  • 12-24 hours - carbon monoxide is eliminated. Lung efficiency improves
  • 2 days - nicotine by-products leave body
  • A few days - you’ll start feeling and smelling fresher. Sense of smell will return and taste buds will come alive
  • Halfway through Ramadaan - phlegm loosens and you’ll cough it up. Body’s cleaning mechanism begins to recover
  • 3 weeks - Lungs work better

For more info:
CANSA toll-free helpline: 0800 22 66 22
Eat pure things and do good deeds [Qur’aan]

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