Lazy Nights

(Allah) splits the sky at dawn, and appoints the night as a time of stillness... (Qur'aan, 6:96)

The Arabic word sakanan, which appears in the above verse, means ‘repose, rest, time for a break.’ As indicated by Allah, night is the time when human beings rest.
The hormone melatonin, secreted at night, prepares the body for sleep by slowing down peoples' physical movements, making them sleepy and tired, and functioning as a natural tranquilliser that eases minds.
During sleep, heartbeat and respiration rhythms slow down and blood pressure falls. Energy expenditure is reduced during sleep and the body stores energy at night.

Night is as much a time for rest and stillness for other living things as it is for human beings. In plants, for instance, perspiration in leaves and photosynthesis begin to rise when the sun rises. At night time, as the temperature falls, perspiration slows down and the plant rests. Night means rest and reinvigoration for plants, just as it does for human beings.

(Allah Knows Best)

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