The Farmer’s Stones

A farmer was preparing his land for planting crops. As he dug through the soil his spade kept getting stuck. Out of curiosity he dug the ground and discovered a big box. He quickly opened the box to see what was in it but to his dissapointment there were only black stones inside.
He decided to throw these stones at the birds when they come to eat the crops at the time for harvesting. One day a man was walking by the field. Two stones happened to fall right in front of him when the farmer threw them at the birds. The man brought the stones to the farmer and asked if he was willing to sell them to him for $5,000 each. The farmer thought that the man was joking so he refused.
The man explained that they were precious jewels. The farmer started crying saying that he had only 1 or 2 stones left and the rest were thrown away.
These stones are the valuable seconsd of our life. We are just throwing them away here and there, wasting them. But on the Day of Judgement, we will realize how valuable they were but it will be too late. Now is the chance to use our time properly.

20 Reminders by Muhammad Abu Yusuf

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