We hear this sentence repeatedly but did we ever contemplate the changes that take place in a single minute? One minute seems very trivial, but on contemplation, one will realize what a human being can accomplish in just a minute. In one minute a person can walk 182 metres, utter a 150 words, run 364 metres, write 40 words and read and understand more than 300 words. In one minute a person can take in and release 10 cubic metres of air from his lungs. In one minute his heart pumps five litres of blood into his blood vessels. In one minute the blood of a human body circulates in the entire body and returns to the heart. In one minute a healthy person's heart beats 72 times. In one minute a person breathes in and out 18 times.
If we look around us, we will be shocked to learn the changes that take place in the world in just a minute. In one minute the earth revolves around its axis for 1528 km. In one minute 426 cubic metres of rain falls on earth. In one minute thirty 35,000 tons of fresh water is released into the seas by rivers. In one minute the world’s population is increased by 114 whilst it is decreased by 100. In one minute 43 marriages and 3 divorces take place. In one minute 600,000 cigarettes are smoked, 110,000 newspapers are sold,210,000 telephone calls are made, mankind drinks 290 000 litres of water and consumes 4,000 tons of food.In one minute 3,300 tons of coal is mined, 700 tons of steel is produced, 4,600 shoes are manufactured and 18,000 cars are sold.
All of this takes place in a mere span of 60 seconds for which we hold no value. The Hadith tells us "Avail yourself of 5 things before 5: Your youth before your old-age, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before your occupation and your life before your death." Another Hadith says, "On the Day of Judgment, one of the questions put to every person would be regarding his age (life) and how he utilized it."

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