The Reader’s Digest, Sep 2007 carried an article with weight loss tips. The way of eating taught by Islam ages ago incorporates many of these tips. Anyone following Islamic teachings on eating would unconsciously also be moderating their weight. Here are some of the tips:
Think quality, not quantity. This means that high-quality fresh and natural foods should take preference over chemical diet foods or junk food. The Qur’aan tells us to eat of the pure foods that Allah has provided.
Mix up the flavours. Ayurveda says that mixing basic tastes like sour, salty, etc. is the key to a satisfying meal that won’t leave you craving junk food later. The Hadith mentions the Prophet r ate different types of food in combination like e.g. dates with cucumber.
Drizzle on the healthy oils. Healthy fats like olive oil make vegetables tastier, so you’re likely to eat more of them. More fruits and vegetables in one’s diet lower the risk of major weight gain by 28%. The benefits of olive oil are emphasized in the Hadith.
u Stop eating before you’re full. This fact has also been highlighted in Islam, a Muslim being encouraged to stop eating while there’s still space left in one’s stomach.
Dine with others. Not only does eating together more enjoyable, it’s slimming. Eating with others restrains your behaviour; you eat more slowly making it more likely that you’ll register when you’re full. Islam encourages eating together.

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