South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA) is a national organisation dealing with Halaal. SANHA's membership comprises Ulama Bodies and Muslim organisations of SA. SANHA was launched in 1996.
Some of the activities:
Halaal certification and monitoring;
Answering Halaal enquiries;
National Halaal Helpline;
Conducting workshops on Halaal;
Dissemination of information via newsletters, leaflets, email, trade fairs, exhibitions, radio, print and electronic media;
Monitoring abuse of Halaal marks;
Assistance with export markets;
Issuing Halaal export certificates.
60-80 telephonic Halaal queries and 30 email queries are received daily. Members include Association of Lawyers and Accountants for Islamic Law, Council of Ulama Eastern Cape, Crescent of Hope SA, Durban Muslim Traders Association, Gauteng Halaal Traders Association, Islamic Medical Association, Jamiatul Ulama JHB, Jamiatul Ulama Western Cape, SA Muslim Restaurants Association and associate members.
SANHA has a working relationship with Halaal bodies in Malaysia, America, Zambia, Australia, Malawi, Fiji, Kenya, Germany, Sri Lanka , Botswana, Mozambique, Holland, Spain, Philippines, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Thailand. %
Halaal Helpline 0861 786 111

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