As the Muslim world stumbles from suffering to suffering one event will go down in recent history as the days of tears and bloodshed: the days of the Red Musjid Massacre.
And it was perpetrated against thousands of innocent boys and girls by so-called Muslim soldiers pledged to defend a Muslim state (Pakistan).
When Musharraf demolished 7 Masaajid in Islamabad, students from Jamia Hafsa Islamic Girl’s University protested. This university was attached to the Red Musjid. Male students came to defend the Varsity against police raids.
Jamia Hafsa and the boy’s Islamic university had over 10,000 students. Jamia Hafsa had hundreds of orphans from the 2005 Pakistan earthquake as well.
On July 4, 2007 Musharraf’s army clashed with students and began using live ammunition. Journalists were banned and water and food were stopped from the besieged youngsters, armed with bamboo sticks.
Musharraf reneged on a peace pact with the Varsity and sent in heavy armour. From 10-12th July, the army fired on Jamia Hafsa with machine guns and heavy bombing.
With no independent inquiry, government said 100 students were killed. Analysists put the death toll at between 902 to 1,965.
While UK PM Brown refuses to meet Mugabe due to his alleged human rights abuses, the UK, US and the West continue to support Musaharraf, a dictator who seized power from a democratic government.
While the world bleats on about killings in Darfur, no one has called for an investigation into the killing of children at the Red Musjid.
The history of Islam is written in black and red: the black ink of the scholars and the red ink of the Martyrs. The blood of the innocent Angels of the Red Musjid shall water the flowers of Islam in Pakistan.
We end with a quote from M Taimoor, writing about the girls made Shaheed (Martyrs) at the Red Musjid: "The most pious, the purest and most modest girls of whom I keep saying, ‘They came from heaven and went back to heaven, nobody even saw their faces.’ Do not say of those killed in the Path of Allah that they are dead. They are alive… (Qur’aan).

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