Points on the History of the Ka’bah
Ibrahim alaihis salaam built a well 1,4 metres deep in the Ka’bah.
It was for people’s sacrifices and offerings.
The well was called Al Jubb or Al Akhsaf and the treasures in it were called Al Abraq. It was to the right of a person entering the Ka’bah.
Many times these treasures were stolen. Allah caused a huge snake to shelter in this well for 500 years. When a thief tried to enter to steal, the snake would scare it off.
When the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was 35 years old, the Quraish gathered at Maqaam Ibrahim and asked Allah to remove this difficulty as they wanted to reconstruct the Ka’bah. One day, the snake climbed out of the well and a big black bird snatched it and flew off with it.
It is possible that this well was filled with stones in the time of Abdullah Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu. It does not exist now.
When the Quraish started rebuilding, a ship belonging to Caesar was wrecked at the port for Makkah. The Quraish bought the wood it was carrying and hired a Greek builder and carpenter, Baaqumi, to reconstruct the Ka’bah.
Throughout history, many precious items were gifted to the Ka’bah. Today very few exist. A few years ago, the gold jewel studded lanterns of the Ka’bah and a wooden chest with some valuables were taken to the Haram Museum.
Today there is a marble, green box where the keys of the Ka’bah are kept when it’s opened as well as important papers regarding the Ka’bah. %
From: Umm al-Qura, Bilal bin Ahmad

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