The lifestyle of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) is the best, most well-documented of any person.

A person who believes in Allah Ta’ala and the last day, should honour his guest. (Bukhari) Try to provide the best one can as far as eating and accommodation is concerned.
Honouring guests is a quality of the Prophets alaihimus salaam.
The hadith mentions that one should entertain a guest lavishly for one day and night, and should host him for three days and nights. Hosting after that is sadaqah (charity). (Bukhari)
It is a duty of the guest that he should not criticize the host after leaving the host’s residence. (Targhib)
A visitor comes with his own sustenance, and, due to people honouring him as their guset, their sins are washed away. (Kanz)
The hadith encourages one to join his guest in eating. (Kanz)
When Allah Ta’ala intends goodness for any person, He sends a gift to him in the form of a guest. (Kanz)
To go out of one’s way for a guest will gain one extra reward.
A son will not be taken to account for what he spent on a guest. (Imam Ghazali)
The first person to entertain a guest was Prophet Ibrahim alaihis salaam.
Angels do not visit a home that is not visited by guests. (Ihya ul Uloom)
It is Sunnah for a host to walk with his guest to the door (when the guest is leaving.) Ibn Majah
It is Sunnah to serve a guest personally.
It is prohibited for a guest to stay so long at the home of the host that it causes him inconvenience. %
[Ash-Shamaail al-Kubra Volume One]

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