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Yassarnal Qur’aan, the famous elementary book to teach kids how to recite Qur’aan now on CD. Computer Software to teach a beginner how to recite Qur'an from Basics. Contains 32 Lessons of part 1 with Audio recitation to help with correct pronunciation. Contact: AL-ISLAAH PUBLICATIONS at: 056 212 4604 or 083 477 3786, email:
n Inspirations Volume 4 has been released. Each one of these stories, quotes or advices have been specially selected for their profound ability to motivate and inspire you, or to make you pause for a moment and reflect. Purchase your copy now from AL-ISLAAH PUBLICATIONS: 056 212 4604 / 083 477 3786 or email:
n Ramadaan Prison Project. Help in making this Ramadaan and Eid memorable for Muslim inmates at St Albans with Iftaar packs, etc. Contact EC Muslim Prison Board on 084 574 9891
n Soup Kitchen. Assist in this community project every Wednesday in Korsten. Soup is given to the needy. An ideal way to earn reward and pass on Islam. Phone Ridwaan Lagerdien 084 324 4813
n Free DVD virtual 3D picture tour of Alhambra in Spain and Sulamaniye Mosque in Turkey. Walk through as you want, turning around 360° and zooming in. Email:

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