Allah has placed a unique love between spouses (Qur’aan). This is not found in illicit lust. But like all good things, hard work is needed to grow and sustain this love. Here’s s poem to help you:

Love is so very special,
Yet can make you feel so lost.
It can arrive just like the springtime,
And melt away like morning frost.

You must find ways to nurture,
Always grow your love with care,
Never ever take for granted,
The love that you both share.

Mistakes are bound to happen,
You may hurt each other’s heart,
Yet don’t give up too easily,
It will tear your love apart.

Love resembles a bright flame,
That lights a dark starry night.
Never ever let this flame burn down,
Rekindle with all your might.

Take a moment every day,
Look deep into each other’s eyes,
Never hesitate to show affection,
Small gestures will keep a love alive.

Talk openly about your feelings,
Take time to show that you care,
Treasure each and every moment,
Because to find true love is rare.
Muslim Woman, Vol.8 No.4

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