This is the second in a series designed to help parent’s of drug addicts cope and to recognise telltale signs early. Drug addiction can be beaten
Dealing with a Child Addict
Your child may not admit using drugs
Your child may deny using drugs
Your child may tell you that you have no right to interfere

Formulate a Plan of Action
Your family doctor may be a good person with whom to discuss the situation, provided he/she understands the nature of addiction
If your doctor is unable to assist, persuade your child to accompany you to SANCA, or a drug counselling centre or clinic
If child refuses, use authority as a parent and insist on it
It is essential for parents to take a firm stand when it comes to coping with drug abuse

Be Honest
It is vital to be honest with yourself and your children
Some parents are afraid of their children and fear straight talk because they think it may make their children love them less
Children respect you more with an honest approach

When your Child Refuses to Cooperate
Stop covering for your child
Do not support them and make it easy for them
He/she can use any extra money or things you buy for him/her to sell and use as drug money
Dr Anwar Jeewa, Minds Alive

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