One of the most well-known yet overlooked organisations in the Muslim community is the Moslem Burial Society. We tend to only think of it when there’s a funeral, yet it performs one of the fundamental jobs in Muslim life: burying the dead.

The Moslem Burial Society was founded in August 1966 by Hajee Noah (Nooh) Ackerdien (d 1967) and Mr Ahmed Jobson. Mr Jobson eventually became synonymous with the organisation. His green van is a common sight in the community. The base of operations is in Korsten where all the necessary paraphernalia like the Kafan cloth etc. are kept.

All graveyards in PE are covered (Malabar, Bethelsdorp, Papenkuils, South End previously) and sometimes callouts are made to arrange for bodies in outlying cities. Mr Ahmed’s son, Nazeem Jobson, is continuing the tradition of his father and arranges for the release of bodies from hospitals, etc. even late at night.

The washing of the body (ladies being arranged for females) and all legalities are also handled. Night burials are well-organised with bright spotlights. Graves are dug, planks arranged and everything done to ensure a quick, hassle-free burial.
In the early years, there were about 4 burials a years. Now, the average is between 90-100 annually.

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