Organization Profile: SANZAF

Established in 1974 SANZAF (SA National Zakaat Fund) has 22 offices in 7 Provinces. Its core activity is to assist in the distribution of Zakaat. It has to a developmental approach by ploughing resources into human resource development by funding children of families to acquire academic skills and/or pursue other careers.

Welfare services
Bursary project
Counterpart organisation to the Islamic Development Bank's loan scholarship programme
Student Development Programme funded by IDB Scholarship Trust provides specialist tuition to students in grades 11 & 12
Facilitating Muslim Feeding Scheme: It provides 17500 hot meals monthly in Durban and surrounding areas to the poor, homeless, jobless, orphanages, old-age homes and refugees
Founder member of Muslim Prison Board in KZN and facilitates prison visits, prisoner family welfare, etc.
Conducting literacy classes via its Islamic Literacy Movement called the ILM programme.
Madressa Subsidisation Scheme, assists children of poor families to further Islamic education.
Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), to assist those afflicted by disaster locally and internationally
Operation Qurbani & Zabah: SANZAF performs Zabah during Eid ul Adha and distributes Qurbani meat to the poor.
Operation Fitrah, involving collection and distribution of Fitrah money

Contact Details (EC branch):
Movement Hall, cnr Vanderkemp Str, Parkside
PO Box 16281,Gelvandale,6016
Tel/Fax: 041 457 1459 Cell: 083 787 7861 e-Mail:

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