The Devil's Drugs

The drug curse has ensnared the Muslim community. Field workers estimate that up to 50% of Muslim youth in PE/Uitenhage are on drugs.

A recent local case is of an 11-year-old Muslim girl whose father has been selling her in prostitution since the age of 7 to pay for his drug addiction. The youngest addict is 13 years old.

Intoxicating substances like drugs are the work of Satan. Those who like his work should ask themselves whether one can be the friend of Allah while pleasing the devil.
Substances like drugs sow hatred. 60 to 120 people’s lives are affected due to one addict.
Drugs prevent one from Salaah, the means of drawing Allah’s Help.

1. Availability - drugs delivered to your door on credit anytime of day or night in PE. If we can’t get rid of the dealers, at least ensure kids are not exposed to them by being in nightclubs etc.;
2. Disorder at home - parents mould the child’s future according to Hadith. They need to provide a friendly means of communication and take out time to play with children;
3. Society pressure - It starts with friends. Ensure children are in good company and don’t keep odd hours.

Don’t deny the problem.
Muslim rehab centre running in Rocklands.
Establishing youth centers and activities,
Parent support groups.
Setting up a care line.
Aftercare for addicts coming off drugs.
Drug Awareness in Musjids, schools, etc.
You can make a difference by volunteering your services Z

Council of Ulama Eastern Cape
Tel: 041 453 0182

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