Facts on the Qur'aan

  • By Mufti Siraj Desai

    Here are some interesting facts on the Holy Qur’aan:

    The first printed copy of the Qur’aan was published in Hamburg, Germany by a non-Muslim press, in the year 1701.
    The first printed edition of the Qur’aan to be produced by Muslims was in 1787 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    In 1827 the first copy of the Qur’aan was printed in a Muslim country in Tehran, Iran.
    Verse 282 of Surah Baqara contains the most letter Kaafs (ك) in a single verse: 23.
    There are only 2 verses in the Qur’aan in which all the letters of the Arabic alpahbet are found: Verse 154 of Surah Aala Imraan; and the last verse of Surah Fatah.
    Two letter Ghains (غ) together appear only once in the Qur’aan.
    There are only three verses in the Qur’aan which begin with a letter Ghain (غ)
    Once, Qaaris and Ulama worked out for Hajjaj Bin Yusuf that there are 340,740 letters in the Qur’aan. There are other views depending on how the letters are counted.
    They also said that the middle of the Qur’aan is the letter Faa (ف) in the word wal yatalattaf (وَالْيَتَلَطَّفْ).
Islamic Focus 45 may 2007

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